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Any Secrets Out There for Weight Loss???

J.V. asks from Grand Rapids

I had a complete hyterecamy about 3 years ago and have gained quite a bit of weight since, I i do a workout tape every morning about 30 minutes long, I go for about 3...


2 Questions: Metabolic Testing & Slow Weight Loss

N.G. asks from Dallas

My nutritionist/dietitian suggested that I get a formal Body Composition & Metabolic test. Apparently the machine measures your body's basal metabolic rate so that f...


Still at a Loss

E.M. asks from Louisville

I wrote in a few weeks ago asking if any of you mommas have had problems with chronic fatigue, hair loss and headaches. I got some great responses and with that infor...


Weight Watchers

L.W. asks from Dallas

Hello to all. I am thinking of joining weight watchers online program and I thought I would ask if any of ya'll have tried it. If so, what were your thoughts? It i...


Loss of Child

S.D. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi, I am an older mom, I have raised 5 adult children and in the last 2.5 years began a second family. Our two children included a 2.5 year old son and a 15 month o...


Seeking Witty or Well Written Blogs Regarding Weight Loss

A.S. asks from Portland

So after deciding I was done having children, I determined it was time to get back in shape as I had run out of excuses. :) I only have ten pounds to lose to get back...


Seeking Advice on Weight Loss and Exercise Plan That Works

L.M. asks from Washington DC

I am a mom of 6 kids and I work full time. I was wondering if any one has any good suggestions that have worked for them on losing weight. I have always been able t...


Weight Struggles

A.F. asks from New York

Looking for some motivational advice to lose weight. For a long time now, my clothes have become very tight and everyday I get dressed I am unhappy with my weight. I ...


Weight Lose

A.B. asks from Dallas

i am looking for a weight lose solution i can do at home, lately i have had some problems with my blood pressure. its not in the danger zone yet but if i don't lose s...


Weight Gain

A.H. asks from Houston

Hello, I am a 42 yr old mom. I had a full hysterectomy in July 2007. Since then, I have noticed weight gain, even though I am exercising and "trying" to eat health...

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