weight loss how long

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Weight Loss - What Is Your Story?

C.M. asks from Cincinnati

I must lose weight, and I am working on slowly making changes. As such, I am looking for ideas and inspiration to help me along the way. So.... What is your weight ...


Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

E.R. asks from Dallas

I was thinking about trying this. I'm hoping this could help with compulsive overeating, etc. Has anyone had success/failure with hynosis for weight loss? I would lov...


A Good Weight Loss Program

D.C. asks from Provo

Does anyone out there know of a good weight loss program for people with diabetes? I'm hoping there is one that has meal plans and stuff, since I need to have everyth...


Seeking Weight Loss Stories

C.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I'm writing some weight-loss profiles for a national women's magazine and would love to hear from moms who've shed pounds by conquering bad eating habits, crazy sched...


Question About Weight Loss...

K.L. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know if you can actually see a dr. about weight loss? I don't have a general practioner since we recently moved here and don't want to sound like an idio...


Seeking Weight Loss Buddies

J.M. asks from Buffalo

Hi ladies, I have finally hit my all time heaviest weight ever! It has been effecting my marriage, and actualy my whole life. I am finally willing to admit to ...


Help with Weight Loss

G.L. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone. I have tried many weight loss programs without much success. Because of a couple of health issues I really need to shed some weight off fast. Does any...


Rapid Weight Loss???

N.G. asks from Dallas

I am very overweight and need to get a cardiac procedure done. I have to lose 65 pounds in order to do this. I have adapted a healthier lifestyle, which includes gi...


Weight Loss and PCOS

A.P. asks from Florence

I know weight loss is a major problem for women with PCOS. I am just curious if there are any mamas out there with PCOS who have success with losing weight. I don't w...


Weight Loss Tips

R.T. asks from Richmond

What are some of the best weight-loss tips out there? Trying to lose 50 pounds. I was on Weight Watchers once then had to stop do to the job I was at. Then tried to g...

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