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Losing Weight While Breastfeeding?

I can't afford special weight loss programs but if you can afford it that may be .... My docotr told me that nursing, I sould only need 2200 calories a day, ...

Healthy Breakfast

HI C., congrats on your weight loss! Can you please share your calorie diet! I' ve tried tons of diets and am not having any lucky...any help would be much ...

Losing Weight!!

True, you have to have more calories when you breastfeed, but they need to be .... How are you doing on your weight loss goals? I had to lose about 40 ...

Will Weaning Help Me Lose Weight?

Oct 28, 2009 ... Hi, I lost all my weight while nursing, as soon as I stopped nursing my weight loss stopped. Maybe you should try to cut your calories some ...

Weight Loss Immediately After Giving Birth

I am trying to take the weight loss slow -- no more than 2 pounds per week. ..... but when you breastfeed you burn something like 500 extra calories a day. ...

Losing Weight with a Throid Problem

My company has a great weight loss program (RESET) and you can check it out at my ... My suggestion is to record the calories from what you eat for a week. ...

Toddler Needs to Gain Weight After Sickness

Dose any have experiance of weightloss after a long sickness?? Thank-You .... In the mean time make everything with high calorie high protein. ...

Weight Loss and Working Out

As a MOM who has been there, I firmly believe that weight loss is "all about the .... We need to burn the calories we consume. Your on the right track! ...

35 Weeks Pregnant and Losing Weight?

Her doctor was not worried, he just explained to her that her calorie count should be @2500 to 3000 ... I jokingly call my pregnancies weight loss programs. ...

Need Weight-loss Help Now!

A lot of women don't realize how many calories they are eating. ..... I started it last week, because I hit a rut w/ my weight loss and I have managed to ...
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