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Suggestions for Weight Loss

M.M. asks from San Diego

I know some Moms, like me, who are lazy to exercise. I lost 20 lbs after I gave birth to my Youngest Daughter. That was 13 months ago. I still have the last 10 lbs...


Weight Loss HELP

K.S. asks from Cincinnati

I'm just curious.....I'm at my wits end with my weight....I have done everything I can even imagine.....Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Adkins, Eating barely nothing, c...


Help with Weight Loss.

J.F. asks from Portland

I am looking for ideas and suggestions of diets or weight loss plans that have worked for other moms. I have some obstacles. I don't have money to join a gym. Also I ...


HCG Weight Loss Program

C.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Has anyone heard of or tried this new weight loss diet? It is supposed to help you loose up to 30lbs in 30 days. I am really considering this, but I am kind of scar...


Weight Loss in First Trimester

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey moms! I am about 8wks pregnant and have a question. When I got pregnant I was about 40lbs or so overweight. I quickly gained 8lbs which totally freaked me out....


Weight Loss / Curving Appetite

T.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I need serious help I loss 34 pounds I have now gained 15 pounds back. My daughter is getting married in June I want to lose 20 ponds, How can I do it. by June I know...


50 Pound Weight Loss!!

L.U. asks from Seattle

Hi mama's!! About 3 months ago I asked for some advice for myself and my husband. We are on a journey to healthier eating and excercise. You ladies had some great ...


Severe Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

V.C. asks from Washington DC

I'm a little embarrassed to be asking this question, as I'm feeling pretty lucky about this, but here goes. I am 5'4", was a size 8 before my first pregnancy, and nev...


Needing Help on Weight Loss

S.D. asks from Grand Rapids

I am a SAHM and thoroughly enjoy it. My problem is that I can't seem to loss any weight. I have been trying for several months, and am just not able to. I have tri...


Weight Loss After a Miscarriage

R.L. asks from New York

I'm not really sure where to post this, but I'll start here. I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks. It's been 5.5 weeks since I had a D&C. 1 week after the D&C I started we...

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