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Weight Loss

Good luck and congrats on the weight loss. I wish for you a lifelong .... You have gotten great advice so far. I used turbo jam after my son was born. ...

Advice on SlimQuick Powdered Drink Mix or Any Other Diet Supplement

Any other advice is welcomed as well but I will tell you that I have an issue swallowing pills ... It is pricy, but works and is designed for weight loss. ...

Seeking Advice on Handling Depression and Weight Gain

Although, it should help with the weight loss goals, too. .... In my opinion, I would advice anyone to Go completely OFF Cafine and to limit dairly products ...

Seeking Advice on Metformin

Also, does anyone have any advice for dealing with or reversing insulin .... Weight loss is the key to insulin resistance, however, I do know some people ...

Seeking Info on Weight Loss

If there are any German ladies out there that can give advice and and some ... It is the first FDA apporved over the counter weight loss pill and I ...

That Extra Baby Weight

Ok so all the advice so far is good. Although I wouldn't go the low carb high .... hello, weight loss is always a tough issue. But I know of a gym where you ...

Weight Gaining Advice

I am not looking for ADHD meds advice...just weight gain advice) TIA! ..... Your daughter's wt loss is due to the meds. You will see a night and day ...

Needin Some Advice for Losing Weight

congratulations on starting your weight loss! that is such an admirable ... my mom did ww too. i like the idea of points. my only added advice is to not eat ...

I'm Having Such a Hard Time Losing Weight Any Advice??

However , just like with any weight loss program you have to stay on it for maintaining that weight loss. So, my advice is do something that you can live ...

Need Advice on Losing Weight

Vitamins that are awesome for energy and weight loss.! I swear by it! ... I don' t have much advice as I have the same problem, still wearing maternity ...
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