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7 Month Old and Only 12.1 Lbs. Won't Take Bottle. Help!

My youngest is a slow weight gainer. She is only 20lbs at 19 months but she .... I understand your baby's slow weight gain, but is he healthy and happy or ...

Hubby Is Chubby and I'm Not

Since then I have been trying to gain weight (to get back to my normal 130 ..... To gain weight your body needs protein, their are several weight gainer ...

15 Month Old Twins-one Underweight and Won't Eat, the Other Will Eat Everything

Another option (I've struggled with poor weight gain all my life, .... The nutritional drinks for weight gain run $6.00 and up per 6 pack (for the store ...

Has Anyone Ever Used Polycose for a Child in Need of Extra Calories?

My son was tiny and the doc wanted to put him on weight gainer. We looked into it and found horror stories from other parents. Of course there were success ...

High Calorie Foods for Underweight 13 Month Old

She was a 4 lb preemie, so weight gain is always something we struggle with. .... Looking for Tips to Help My 1 Year Old Son Gain More Weight ...

Birth Control Options: NuvaRing, Birth Control Pills, and Mirena

I have had the IUD for about 8 months now and no weight gain, no mood instability, and definetly no pregnancy. It is 99.9% effective. ...

Seeking Advice for Miserable 5 Week Old

There is a form of reflux called silent reflux where you don't have to spit up and you can still be a healthy weight gainer. My last son had very similar ...

15 Months Old Not Sleeping Trough the Night

One of my friend's son also has weight gain trouble and she has started giving him yo-baby yogurt. ..... Also, the pedia sure is a real good weight gainer! ...

Little Man Just Won't Grow

Sje said that kids will gain weight fast as babies then after awhile just hit a plateau and stay there and not gain much for awhile, as long as she wasn't ...

Starting Solids

... veggies, or juices if i wanted. so i dont have to start with cereal? no - because that is a weight gainer which he doesnt need. (meats at 9 mos. ...
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