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Weight Gain

A healthy weight gain is normal in pregnancy and as long as you begin within your BMI range then a ... Weight gain in each pregnancy can be quite different. ...

Anyone Been on Lexapro and Experienced Weight Gain

weight gain pregnancy week by week · weight gain week by week pregnancy · normal weight gain during pregnancy · normal weight gain in pregnancy ...

First Pregnancy Questions

This is my first pregnancy and I am only at 8 weeks right now. My concern is that I am already gaining weight in areas that I didn't think I would gain ...

Weight Gain

Wieght gain is essentail and very important to watch as you continue your pregnancy. Normal weight gain is about 15-25 lbs. You will gain weight no matter ...

Weight Gain Question

My goal is to gain the least amount possible to avoid a 2nd C-section. My 1st pregnancy, my son weight 9 lbs. 6 oz and after 23 1/2 hours of labor and ...

Exercise / Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Typical weight gain from other two pregnancies is about 35-45 pounds -- when I do the math from where I am now it's a scary number! ...

Safely Losing Weight During Pregnancy

Questionable "Suggested Weight Gain" for Pregnancy. ... Pregnancy Weight Gain Out of Control! 26 · Weight Gain During Pregnancy ...

Managing Weight Durning Pregnancy

It is realistic to expect to gain some weight during pregnancy. What we do not know is if 175 is a .... Questionable "Suggested Weight Gain" for Pregnancy. ...

Rapid Weight Gain During First Trimester

Questionable "Suggested Weight Gain" for Pregnancy. ... pregnancy weight gain 2nd trimester · weight gain first trimester pregnancy · pregnancy weight gain ...

What Are My Exercise Limitations During Pregnancy?

Take this time to get yourself into a routine for working out and maintain the weight that you will gain during your pregnancy. As other moms mentioned, ...
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  • take your prenatal vitamins in 2 answers "It's also important to drink a lot of water and to take your prenatal vitamins."
  • do not try to lose weight in 2 answers "Do not try to lose weight while you are pregnant."
  • drink plenty of water in 3 answers "... and try to stay around that daily allowance of food. Drink plenty of water ..."
  • lose weight while in 3 answers "Finally, another reason why it is unsafe to lose weight while pregnant is because ..."
  • 20 pounds overweight in 2 answers "... with my first baby (who is now 6 months old). I was about 20 pounds overweight ..."