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Well Water Ruining My Hair!

Aug 4, 2009 ... Call your localwater companylike culligan or clearwater systems and get someone to come out and test your water Maybe the softener isnt ...

Water Birth or Not?

We used the midwives through the Health East system with our first one. I tried to do water birth but was in labor for more than 24 hours and had to give in ...

Fish Tank with Green Cloudy Water! Help!

Do you have an undergravel water filtration system that runs by air? That will cause the fish waste to be removed which will cut down on the fertilyzer ...

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Build Up?

Sep 19, 2009 ... CLR is suppose to be really good with hard water in bathrooms. Ultimately, a home hardwater filtration system would be best. ...

Is Flavored Carbonated Water and EmergenC Ok to Drink While Pregnant?

Europeans hardly drink anything else... even at the McD's they serve carbonated water. Vit. C is proven to boost the immune system, and it's very rare for ...

How Long Should I Use Nursery Water?

Get your tap water checked out (some towns are better than others) and also consider a home filter system - everything from a Brita pitcher to a "whole ...

Boosting Immune System

I know that you are having slightly different symptoms but I can relate to the immune system. That night, my mom served me a glass of water with a sachet of ...

To Drink Tap Water or Not?

We wanted to buy a house filtration system and put in a water softner as well, however because our plumbing is screwed up, it was going to cost over ...

What Kind of Water Do You Use for Formula?

You could install a counter top reverse osmosis or whole household model water filtration system. If this is something that is not in your budget try using ...

How Long to Use Nursery Water For?

Also, their systems are very sensitive so the bacteria in well water sometimes changes, so I figured better to be consistant. It also works great when you ...
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  • do not use distilled water in 2 answers "DO NOT USE DISTILLED WATER! My niece was raised on distilled water and had extreme ..."
  • algae eating fish in 2 answers "I think you have algae-go get an algae eating fish"
  • hard water deposits in 3 answers "It will take hard water deposits off the fixtures as well."
  • ive never used nursery in 2 answers "Actually, I've never used nursery water with my trio and I live in the Cook Co."
  • use distilled water in 2 answers "... light of the findings reported in the news you might want to use distilled water."