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Artificial Sweetners During Pregnancy, Are They Safe?

I have been using Kool-Aid singles in my water on a daily..." ... Next question: Is Aspartame Safe to Consume During Pregnancy? ...

3 Yr Old Swimming Lessons

Aug 15, 2009 ... A three year old notwatersafe swimmer is not well placed in a 45 year old more water experienced class And really how many three year olds ...

Baby Safe Hard Wood Cleaners

Vinegar and hot water is the best hard wood floor cleaner. Dry immediately with a dry towel. Natural and safe and not harmful to the wood. Helpful? ...

How Much Alcohol Is Safe to Drink When Breastfeeding?

It's probably safe to say only 1-2 per day. Whenever I would feel like I needed a little bit .... water safe · wine gift baskets · baby safe · cooking wine ...

Benefiber Safe for Toddlers

Is benefiber safe for toddlers? I have tried, fresh fruits, ... We notice a direct correlation between her drinking enough water and having very little ...

Are Antibacterial Wipes Safe for a 4Mo Old?

Read all 6 responses: "Are the lysol antibacterial wipes safe to use on babys high chair ... One part clorox to at least three parts water or even four. ...

Acid Mantle (Cream Mixed with Hydrocortisone) - Is It Safe?

Better safe than sorry. My son does not have Glaucoma at this point if that .... Try to find something natural to add to water that drys the skin,My son ...

Flavored Water okay...for Toddler on Trip

Sep 3, 2009 ... What about just a splash of juice in his water It's a lot heathier than ..... Is Flavored WaterArtificial Sweeteners Safe for My 2 Year Old ...

21 Month Has a Cold What Is Safe?

For his whole life our doctor has said that they were safe for him to take and now all ... Hot water vaporizers and the new sudafed plugs are awesome too! ...

Safe Apartment near Texas Instruments.

There have been issues regarding water contamination and toxic vapors, ... lived there so I would say it is pretty safe and also very close to walk to TI. ...
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  • one to two glasses of wine or beer in 2 answers "What to Expect in Your First Year", that one to two glasses of wine or beer is okay."
  • vicks vapor rub in 3 answers "I too have heard about the Vicks Vapor Rub on the feet with socks at night."
  • murphys oil soap in 3 answers "I always mopped my wood floors with Murphy's oil soap in warm water and dryed them ..."
  • use the acid mantle in 3 answers "Now we use the acid mantle occasionally but not nearly as much as before."
  • lavender or tea tree in 2 answers "NEVER use products with Lavender or Tea Tree oils if you have kids!"