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Obsessed with Water!

C.K. asks from Fresno

For the last id say 6 months or so, my 3 year old has been OBSESSED with playing with the water in the house, the sink, taking the water out of her cup all over her t...


Propel Water

T.J. asks from New York

My husband has recently started drinking Propel Water. Our five year old, who mirrors his father, has also started drinking the water. Is this kind of drink ok for ...


Water for Babies?!?!

C.K. asks from New York

My girl is 7 months old & starting (slowly) to eat solids. When should I start giving her water? She hasn't been constipated yet & I don't know if that plays a part...


Juice and Water

J.C. asks from Kansas City

Hi all. Just wondering if you guys had any tricks for getting your kids to drink juice and water? So far my daughter wont touch water.. and I just tried orange juic...


I Have a Water Question...

C.B. asks from Lake Charles

Ok when i bathe my 20 mnth old daughter i have to fight with her to wash her hair b/c she does not like water being poured over her head. Ive tried making a game of i...


I Hate Water

H.S. asks from Cincinnati

I'm in the midst of a new lifestyle change with diet and exercise. I'm really struggling with beverages more so than food choices. I want to cut out all calories in t...


Seeking Advice on Glass or Plastic Bottles and What Brand

A.K. asks from Denver

With all the debate out there about glass vs plastic bottles, what are real moms saying? My daughter drank from a plastic bottle, I drank from a plastic bottle, and ...


Safe Plastic Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups

L.O. asks from Seattle

I have been reading and hearing about all of the problems with plastic water bottles and such. I looked at our baby bottles and can't see a number on them. And, I loo...


Born Free BPA Free Plastic Bottles

D.T. asks from Tampa

Has anyone used the Born Free BPA free plastic bottles? Do you like them and if you switched after using another bottle, how did your baby take to the switch? Have ...

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  • high fructose corn syrup in 3 answers "3> Fake Sugars and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) can build up in the liver causing ..."
  • give him filtered water in 2 answers "... 2 months) just so my son would begin to like it. I give him filtered water."
  • used filtered water in 3 answers "Personally, I used filtered water...but was not afraid to use tap, if needed."
  • just used tap water in 2 answers "I always just used tap water filtered in one of those pitchers."
  • artificial sweeteners in 4 answers "... convince your husband to stop drinking Propel Water! the artificial sweeteners ..."