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10 Month Old Drinks Too Much Water???

Water really isn't recommended for babies under a year. It fills them up and offers them absolutely no nutrition whatsoever. Breastfed babies get all of ...

Water Births

The midwife helped me bring the baby to my chest. I also birthed the placenta in the water and I then wished I would have got out of the tub for that. ...

Colic Calm Gripe Water Product?

After taking the Zantac he was a happy new baby. I tried the gripe water after he was about 6 months. It did not work at all. The zantac was the only thing ...

How Soon Can I Take My Newborn Swimming?

Check out the book "Water Baby" by Lauren Heston....great pictures of babies swimming underwater. According to this book, babies have the natural ability to ...

Water and Milk???

When do you start giving water and regular milk to my baby? ... You can start trying to give some water now. Babies usually don't like to drink water at ...

Natural Birth Vs. Water Birth

I have had 3 babies and the only pain management I used was water. With the first I labored in the tub, but that hospital did not allow me to deliver in the ...

How to Clean a Baby Girl?

Nov 2, 2009 ... But if you don't want to use baby wipes, just plain water works too. You aren't required to use soap. But again, if you want soap, ...

Question About My Babies Stools

My mother and him talked about using sugar water to try and make the stools softer, especially if they are formula fed babies. He also mentioned using a ...

Gripe Water

i tried gripe water for my colic baby it didnt work i finally told her doctor ... I've no experience with gripe water, but..I did find that giving my baby ...

Gripe Water

I LOVED Gripe Water! My daughter had acid reflux when she was a baby, and I used it all the time for her! It is by far the quickest and best thing for gassy ...
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