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My Washing Machine Stinks!

Wash some old towels in the machine with a cup of vinegar. We also use vinegar in the downy ball rather than fabric softener. It keeps the clothes soft and ...

Advice on Getting Gum Out of Clothes

If it is in clothing, peanut butter is oily so you can put a dab of DAWN soap on the clothes after using the peanut butter (BEFORE putting them in the wash) ...

Washing Different Kinds of Cloth Diapers

Once they have pee all over them you'll want to wash them alone :) I would run the pockets through the wash once only before using (with reg clothes is fine ...

Washing Running/tenny Shoes

absolutely wash them dry them on top of the dryer with a couple of wash clothes inside to help speed the drying process I alwaays buy three pair so I have ...

Portable Washing Machines?

30 Sep 2009 ... I know it was perfect for him to wash a change of clothes but I'm not sure that he could fit much more. So, for a family it doesn't sound ...

Melted Crayon in the Clothes Dryer!

I'm also wondering if there is any hope of getting the crayon off the clothes. Will re-washing the clothes just make the issue in the dryer (and maybe even ...

Pillow Washing

It says on the pillow that I have to spot wash it, but spot washing wasn't sufficient to .... hand washing · washing clothes · buy pillow · air pillow ...

Help Me! Spots on My Clothes After Being Washed...

We also were having spots on our clothes and determined it was the agitator style / age of our washing machine. Our top load, agitator style washer was over ...

Argghh! How Do I Get Poop Stains Out of His Clothes?

This is my first and I'd like to save the clothes for the next babies. I tried dish soap, but no good. I use Dreft to wash baby stuff. ...

Soap for Cloth Diapers

Wipes....we started out with wash clothes that I picked up at the store on sale. That got old taking them to/from day care each day. ...
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  • all small and mighty free and clear in 2 answers "... from Dreft to Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin to All Small & Mighty Free & Clear ..."
  • drops of tea tree oil in 2 answers "... solution of water, a small amount of baby wash and a few drops of tea tree oil."
  • just let them air dry in 2 answers "Adn you can dry them, but I normally just let them air dry."
  • dawn dish soap in 2 answers "Try adding a squirt of Dawn dish soap to a load with all the clothes that have spots ..."
  • add baking soda in 2 answers "Sometimes I add baking soda to the wash cycle and vinegar to the rinse cycle to prevent ..."