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Best Window Cleaning Techniques/products

I do vinegar and water, wiping with a washcloth or even a sponge and then I .... There has been no streaking, cuts grease and there is no odor that some of ...

How to Get the Mildew Smell Out of My Washing Machine

Aug 27, 2009 ... I squeeze a wash cloth into the corner, by the hinge, to keep it from .... We have found and have been using our 'miracle' laundry odor ...

Stainless Steel Appliances

Clean other appliances with just a wet washcloth and a bit of dishwashing soap, ... No odor either. Just perfect and low cost. Liz. 1 mom found this helpful ...

Help with Diaper Rash.

hi S.. my name is N.. i don't know if you have heard of this or not, but you could try to soak a white washcloth in witchhazel. it has a nice odor and,from ...

Stinky Dish Cloths! Yuck!

... i started using this and my washcloths and towels dont smell bad anymore. ... I have found that washing my towels in Oxiclean helps with any odors and ...

Prevent Miscarriage?

Sep 8, 2009 ... popsicles etc Try a cold wash cloth over your eyes when you feel ... me Prepare foods that do not have strong odors and choose simple ...

Washing Baby Clothes

Child 1: Wash clothes separately with "baby" detergent for 18 months. .... that can take care of your clothes, come out brighter, cleaner and be odor free. ...

Smelly towels...is There Any Cure??

It seems that our kitchen towels and baby washcloths..." ... I discovered a product called "Bac Out stain and odor eliminator" by Biokleen and it has really ...

Help! My Daughter Peed on My New Mattress!

I ended up using an upholstery cleaner and warm water on a washcloth. ... Vinegar is a odor neutralizer and should take the smell away. Good luck. Helpful ? ...

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Sep 16, 2009 ... down with my washcloth no chemicals & they dont get nasty It's a ... to them It is not until there is mold or an odor that they take ...
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