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Any Shoes That Actually Stay on an 9 Month Old?

I found walking shoes that look just like stride rites walking shoes for about $10-$15 at Payless and that is what my guys have been wearing for the past 6 ...

Tip Toe Walking

The doctor said not to worry about it but said to put her in heavier shoes like tennis shoes and she would get used to walking flat. ...

2 Year Old with Callouses on Her Feet?

I always bought my little ones 1 good pair of walking shoes and then let them go bare foot most of the time (socks naturally) while at home. ...

First Baby Walking Shoes

Read all 7 responses: "Ladies, I am an (Abuelita) Grandmother raising my grandson - John David which I am teaching Spanish, this one will be bi-lingual.

Walking Shoes for My Infant Daughter

Read all 3 responses: "I live in the Shawnee area, and was looking for a shoe store that fitted baby shoes. I need some recommedations, I would be most ...

Baby Shoes

Doctors also recommend that children first learning to walk go barefoot or wear soft flexible shoes. Walking around barefoot is not always practical, ...

Walking Issues in 11 Month Old. Very Concerned

The heavier soled walking shoes seemed to help my son. My daughter tiptoes a lot and I think that's why, but she runs and all that just fine so we haven't ...

Toe Walking

She stands flat-footed when not in motion, but the toe-walking looks like a ballerina, on the tips of her toes, and she does it with shoes or bare feet. ...

When to Buy Shoes

I generally left my 3 kids barefooted inside at home but put a soft walking shoe on them when we were out and about when they were cruising and taking ...

My Daughter Looks like She Is Walking on Inside of Her Feet..........

I just noticed about two weeks ago it looks as if she is walking on the. ... Your daughter needs shoes that support her arch. Get her good shoes that have ...
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  • sandys shoes on anderson in 2 answers "You can get them many places, such as Whole Foods or Sandy's shoes on Anderson."
  • soft soled shoes in 5 answers "... feet need protection from rough surfaces and dirty floors. Soft-soled shoes ..."
  • stride rite shoes in 2 answers "I got a Stride Rite shoes for my daughter when she was about 11 months old, and they ..."
  • walked on her tip toes in 2 answers "P., My daughter too walked on her tip toes."
  • tip toe walking in 2 answers "I definitely wouldn't worry about it -- it seems like tip toe walking runs in my family ..."