walking pneumonia

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Awful Coughing

We took her to the doc and she ended up with mycoplasm pneumonia (walking pneumonia). Once they got her on the right antibiotics we finally got rid of the ...

Should We Go to the Doctor?

Took him in that next day, and he had walking pneumonia. Totally surprised me. If it is a cough off and on throughout the day, I probably wouldn't take them ...

When to Go to the Doctor

I had what many people call "walking pneumonia" for 3 months. My symptoms were just like your daughter's. My lungs sounded clear, but I'd occasionally cough ...

7 Year Old with Epilepsy

I came down with walking pneumonia & started to wean myself from the medicine ( it was just too much, I was missing my boys growing up walking around in a ...

Dry Persistant Cough

Come to find out, he had walking pneumonia and a mild form of asthma. I had to put him on a nebulizer 3-4 times a day for a few days. ...

Colds and Medicine

Talk to your doctor make sure the baby does not have walking pneumonia which they sometimes can not hear. Also a neublizer with albeturol works great to by ...

My Four Year Old

You might want to take him to the doctor to rule out the bad stuff: walking pneumonia, asthma, flu or whatever. If it turns out to be allergies, you can do ...

I Lost My Job and Don't Know What to Do.

As an employee, same thing happened to me with being let go and then being without insurance - I wound up with walking pneumonia and was not able to work ...

Seeking Answer to Dry Cough on and off for No Aparent Cause.

Turned out that she had "bacterial pneumonia" or "walking pneumonia". We went back to the doc, got the proper antibiotic, & all was well. Helpful? ...

3 Year Old with Low Oxygen Saturation Levels.

Maybe he has walking pneumonia? Has he had a chest xray? ..... For instance, walking pneumonia caused me to have a positive TB test as a small child. ...
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