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The Grocery Game

Nov 20, 2009 ... Walgreens may have gotten a special purchase on the product or the ... Ex: A Walgreen's and manufacturer coupon for the same item. ...


Try Walgreens also I heard they do a great job also. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. G.R. answers from Dallas on October 27, 2007 ...

Converting Camcorder Tape to DVD

Or, you can always take them to Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, ... If you don't have that cable or program, I would recommend taking it to Walgreen's. ...

What Do You Do with Old Batteries?

These are some great ideas, Also, there seems to be a Walgreens on every other corner and they take batteries to recycle. Just drop them off at the photo ...

Bed Bud Prob

You know they have a spray that you can use for bed bugs that they sell at Walgreens next to the lice shampoo. I don't think it matters how clean your house ...

Picture with the Easter Bunny

If you live near Fenton Walgreens they are having an Easter Bunny on March 30 ( or 31st-I ... You should call your local Walgreens and see if they have one. ...

Sinus Infections

Once I started using the neilmed sinus rinse (which I got at Walgreens but they ... There is a rinse that you can buy over the counter in Walgreens stores ...

Prenatal Vitamins

I took the generic Walgreens brand vitamins when I was pregnant with my son because it was all I could afford. He came out strong and healthy and big as a ...

Frisco Pharmacies

I refused to use CVS or Walgreens after working for the doctor. .... We've used the Walgreen's at McDermott and Independence a lot and never had a problem. ...


They put together the Walgreens deals, make you aware of grocery store .... CVS and Walgreen are great too bc you can stack your coupons with thiers and you ...
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  • neilmed sinus rinse in 3 answers "The neilmed sinus rinse is what I use and it has worked wonders."
  • had chronic sinus infections in 2 answers "I've had chronic sinus infections all winter."
  • through your sinus cavity in 2 answers "... you pour the solution in one nostril and it washes through your sinus cavity ..."
  • kroger and tom thumb in 2 answers "And if you buy the entertainment passbook it has a lot of Kroger & Tom Thumb coupons."
  • called a neti pot in 2 answers "It's called a neti pot. You can get it anywhere these days, including Walgreens ..."