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Seeking Summer Camp in Grand Prairie/Arlington Area

S.S. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good summer camp in the Arlington/Grand Prairie area? I need a camp that is available to cover workday hours, but offers a lot of interesting & ...


Does My Daughter Even Have a Chance of Making HS Soph Volleyball Team?

S.O. asks from Chicago

She didn’t make the freshman team, but loves the sport. She’s afraid since it is the same coach that she doesn’t have a chance. Last year she went to all open g...


Outdoor Camp Games/activities

C.L. asks from Columbus

This is my first year of being in charge of the games for our summer camp. I'm looking for suggestions on high energy, outdoor activities I can have the kids do. Th...


Pre-teen Camp

A.S. asks from Cleveland

Help! My 12 yr. old daughter feels she is too old but I don't want her to be bored all summer. Any suggestions?


What Sport Is Your Daughter Involved In?

G.R. asks from Washington DC

Gymnastics has been her love for the past few years, but being an only child I guess, I'm noticing she enjoys team activities more - especially with other girls (like...


Fun Sport for My 8 Year Old Daughter (Homeschooled)who Has Never Played Anything

M.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 8 years old and would like to play a sport. I've never signed her up for anything so we don't know a lot about any sports :( We are mainly looking to...


Summer Camp/Activites for Teens

J.J. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a nearby summer camp or activities for teens? I have a 14 yr old boy that plays basketball, drums, and is quite physically active. I want to fin...


Daughter Can't Make Friends

T.O. asks from Kansas City

I have an 11 yr old daughter who is going into middle school this year. We moved to the district we are in 2 years ago and she has had a hard time making friends. I w...


Why Does This Bother Me?

T.T. asks from Dallas

OK, I know this might be a little petty, but I'm a little miffed at a friend right now and I want to see if I'm just being overly sensitive. We both have two sons ...


Ideas Needed - Sweet 16 BBQ - Pool Party

S.T. asks from New York

So my dear daughter turns 16 soon and althoguh she would have wanted a huge catered party we don't have that kind of money and personally are not big fans of these ki...

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