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Licensed Vocational Nursing Program

N.S. asks from Houston

is there anyone that knows of online schools that you can take some of the nursing classes at i need to take the classes asap some where it is not to expensive or tim...


Please Explain About Schools

E.V. asks from Phoenix

Moms, you know I am not from this country so I need you to explain to me about the schools here. My son will go to the special school in my district and I just see th...


In Your Opinion: What Is the Main Cause of Failing Schools?

D.D. asks from Phoenix

In your view: What is the main cause of failing schools? Some say it's mostly bad parenting. Some say these schools are in low income areas, it's all about lack o...


Deciding Between High Schools and Son's Unwillingness to Listen

S.T. asks from Denver

Hi, Please provide some insight even if you are unfamiliar with schools. You probably have some suggestions on how to work best with my 14 year old son. We feed ...


Experiences Needed on Kids Going to Different High Schools

K.C. asks from Tampa

My girls are 1 year apart in school and because we have so many choices in our area (trust me, not necessarily a good thing), we may end up sending our kids to differ...


Online High Schools

M.J. asks from Seattle

Hello, We are planning on attempting to enroll my 15 yr old step daughter in an online high school since we feel that since her attendence and grades are getting wor...


Dad Wants 2 Schools, One Here, One in His State.

M.R. asks from Chico

Does anyone have good documentation (Articles, etc.) that this is destructive to the Child's well being and socail relationships? I feel strongly against it! Thank you.


Seeking Opinions: Lack of Creativity and Culture in Schools Due to Cutbacks?

A.B. asks from New York

How do you get your kids into a "creativity mindset"? another way to ask it is... Do you feel you can help or guide your kids into being more creative in general? .....


Jobhunt, Ethics, What Do Do? Need to Decide by Next Week...

P.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I went for a 2nd interview for Admissions Rep for a local vocational for-profit school. It sounds like a great fit, the money/benefits are good. But I'm w...


Difference Between a Magnet School and a Charter School

K.M. asks from Denver

Hello all! Just looking into different schools in our arear and I am just wondering what is the difference between a charter school and a magnet school? Thanks!

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