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Then when you need it put it in a bottle and warm it up for 15-30 seconds .... The adjustments & Mylicon, saved my life, and less stress on her vocal cords. ...

Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

... you need to go back to your OB doc and be even more vocal about it. ... This is the muscle that holds up your belly. My twins had gotten so big that it tore and ... I find that a warm bath or a heating pad on low heat helps. ...

Advice on Wisdom Teeth Removal and Playing Instruments

... I was inflicting more damage on the healthier of my vocal cords! ... LOL I bought a small bulb syringe and squirted warm water into the ... I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed when I was about 22 and ended up with dry sockets. ...

Orajel Bad for Baby's Gums??

I haven't heard anything about it toughening up the gums, but I've read in ... If used properly, the Orajel will not numb the vocal cords or toughen the gums. ... but if I get a cloth wet with warm water, he'll chew on it all day long. ...

I HATE The Term "Stay at Home Mom"!

Testing out a new vocal pattern. ...... Everything I do (and you too, based on your list), is designed to create a warm safe place for my children to grow into ... Don't get hung up on the term. You can call yourself anything you like ...

My 2 Yr Old Daugther Is Not Talking

Read up on Autism. I have a goood resource for you if you are interested. ...... He's slow to warm to people BUT once he's comfortable with you, ..... He is behind other children but all of a sudden he has become very vocal. ...

Help with My Screaming 10 1/2 Month Old

I have two very vocal children as well!! They are screamers. .... I did accidentally end up "wounding" my son with my wedding ring once, but he soon got the ...

Cat Has Lost His "Meow"

L.M. asks from Benton Harbor

Hello everyone, I have a six year old tom cat that has lost his "meow". I noticed the other day that he was going horse but i never expected him to loose his voice al...


Nephew Struggling in School

C.H. asks from Columbus

I am actually writing with a question concerning my nephew. He is 6 1/2 and is in First grade. He is a fun, loving boy that is intelligent and has a great sense of ...


Mother-in-law Overbearing/comments Issue

C.B. asks from Fort Collins

My husband and I are very proud of our 7 month son, he's so much fun and we love learning everything about him as well as with parenting. My mother-in-law visits fro...

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