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Need Good Multi Vitamin/immune Support for 22 Month Old-

Read all 18 responses: "I'm looking for a good multi vitamin/ immune support for my ... The chlorine and floride in our tap water depletes iodine stores. ...

Looking for High Quality Multi-vitamin for 2 1/2 Yr Old

Mar 3, 2009 ... I believe quality matters in a vitamin but it also has to be .... It is added to water, fruity tasting and has only organic fruits. ...

Multi Vitamin/probiotic

Read all 10 responses: "What is the best multi vitamin to give 11 month ... Isotonix is a powder that is mixed with water and the children love the taste. ...

Need Help with Hydration During Pregnancy

I found that drinking Vitamin Water by Glaceau really helped. It did not make me sick like straight water and it had calories and vitamins. when I went into ...

Flouride in Water

Do NOT give ìspringî <b>water (eg bottles water) because it does not contain any fluoride. When my daughter turned 6 months, my pediatrician gave us vitamin ...

Tap Water Vs. Bottled Fluoridated Water

Mar 21, 2009 ... I would give him bottled water, and a vitamin supplement, sans the fluoride, if you are getting the bottled water WITH fluoride. ...

Prenatal Vitamins

Go to a health food store and find a whole-food based vitamin. Also, eat organic and drink spring water and you'll do ok nutritionally. Be well, ...

Gripe Water

She went on the internet and saw a thing about gripe water that helps babies w/ colic..." ... You can find it at The Vitamin Shoppe or babies r us. ...

Vitamin K and Antibiotic Wipes

Aug 17, 2009 ... Is anyone aware of one's ability to waive/postpone the Vitamin K shot and antibiotic wipes that are given to ... vitamin water · baby wipes ...

Lacking Energy! Need Advice!

During my pregnancy I drank (only 1 per day) Vitamin Water - the Revive one that has extra potassium, my OB recommended it. It made me feel more hydrated ...
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