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Seeking Good Pediatric Eye Doctor in Naperville/Aurora/Oswego Area

I decided to take my son to the vision center in Meijer (Oswego). It was simple, convenient, cheap ($45), Dr. Lapp was great, and it fulfilled the ...

Lasik While Nursing or Pregnant

The lasik center wont schedule my appointment until I have stopped nursing for .... I know several women whose vision was very different while pregnant and ...

Help with Doctor for Eye Appointment Before Kindergarten

my friend recommended Assure Vision located in Arlington Town Square (Arlington Heights Rd, just south of NW Hwy. .... vision center · eye contact ...

I Am Seeing a Small Black Circle with My Left Eye.

If you do not have insurance, may I suggest going to see Eric Buckland (in Walmart vision center Stringtown Rd.) it is very inexpensive at only $52.00 ...

Eye Exams for Children

Hawthorne Vision Center 4704 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97215. Phone: ###-## #-#### Fax: ###-###-####. Dr Love is tops! He does a great exam with kids, ...

Seeking Good Eye Doctor

I go to Garner's Vision Center in Jeffersontown. I have been going there for about six to seven years. About two years ago we decided to try my husband's ...

Looking for a Pediatric Optometrist Around Belmont, MI

And the best news is...her vision is fine. She doesn't need glasses. Thanks again! ... vision center · schools michigan ...

Glasses for 3 Year Old

I asked about getting my young (she is now 3) daughter's vision checked and I got a response about .... insurance plans · vision center ...

Closing One Eye to Read?

His vision was 70/20. The eye dr. had him wear a patch on his good eye for ... Which ever eye he has open and the doorknob stays in the center of his hands ...

Cleaning Advice

The best stuff I have found though is the glass cleaner from the Walmart Vision Center - it is for no glare glasses and works great for the monitor - same ...
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