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Wii and Wii Fit

We have the wii and LOVE it!! The sports, etc...I'm like you, don't like the violent games, etc. I'm anxious to try out the wii fit too! ...

Good Games?

My son also loves playing the Lego Star Wars game which is much less violent than many of the other games out there. Finally, you can't go wrong with a ...

Leap Frog Didj vs Nintendo DS **Update**

He has some educational games and some nonsense games, but nothing violent ever, and he's allowed to play it for 1/2 hour a day, thats it. ...

Does Anyone Else's Husband/bf Play Video Games?

Originally he was a computer game, then he had the Xbox 360 and I told him the games were too violent and I didn't want our daughter hearing or seeing it. ...

Behavior Problems After Playing Video Games

We limit the games he is allowed to play to the basically non-violent stuff that is rated for his age group (i.e. Super Mario Galaxy)and he only gets a ...

Wii Games

My family is trying to decide what Wii game to purchase next. ... It is the violent rabbit one and I can't stand listening to it while they play it. ...

Games for My Grandchildren

All the games are gentle-minded, easy to play & non-violent. And, the graphics are nice too. Actually, after reading your note, I'm contemplating talking my ...

Feedback on SIMS Games for Teens

However, the games themselves are fairly neutral (other than a select few whose games themes are intentially violent) and teach a lot of life skills. ...

Need Help Explaining What a Military Tank Does

... and I really don't want to take it away, so I want to tell him something, but obviously not anything violent. .... Disagreements over Violent Games ...

Mom of Multiples with Anger Issues

... to the violent behaviour. Neither my husband or I are violent people and don 't know where this is coming from. .... Disagreements over Violent Games ...
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