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Looking for a Vet

C.L. asks from Chicago

Last year we adopted a rescue dog. We are looking for a good, inexpensive vet in the Mount Prospect area for routine annual care. We also have 2 cats. Has anyone u...


Vet and Booties

K.N. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a vet referral in Schaumburg and I am concerned about the salt (or whatever it is they put on the roads to melt the ice) on my dogs paws, so I wonder...


Seeking a Good Vet in the Bronx

N.B. asks from New York

One of my two kittens has worms. Would you recommend a good vet and are worms an emergency that has to be treated right away or could it wait till I find a vet


Need to Find a vet...FAST!!

N.D. asks from Chicago

Our 13 year old cat appears to have some sort of kidney problem, maybe diabetes. She's been drinking excessive amounts of water lately and has begun peeing on the fl...


Seeking Good Vet

B.C. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good and reasonably priced vet in the San Jose area? We have been taking our pets to the VCA animal hosptial for a while now ...


Need Help About Vet Situation

P.B. asks from Kansas City

Last week we took our dog into our vet (oxford Animal clinic,Overland Park Kansas) for what was supposed to be a teeth cleaning--where she goes under general anesthes...


My Dog Has Mange, and We Can't Go to the Vet :(

B.. asks from Dallas

We have always taken our 2 dogs to the vet and kept them very healthy. We recently had their vaccinations up to date and got a physical from a local mobile vet. They ...


Hubby Annoyed at Vet Bills, What Do I Do?

T.C. asks from Austin

A couple years ago after my neighbor moved away, I adopted the stray cat that she had been feeding. Now it sits in my lap, follows me around, and would sleep in the b...


Anyone Used Dallas Vet Surgical Center

P.G. asks from Dallas

My vet recommended us to the Dallas Vet Surgical Center (Plano location) for our bull mastiff puppy with a leg problem. Anyone had any dealings or heard anything goo...


Seeking Vet in White Lake Area

J.S. asks from Detroit

Hi everyone, I am looking for a recommendation for a vet office in the White Lake area. I am on Elizabeth Lake bet. Williams Lake and Union Lake. ANy and all feedb...

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