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Seeking Advice Regarding My Son's Fear of Death

J.R. asks from Detroit

My four year old (soon to be five) son has recently become very worried about death. He's afraid for himself, but especially afraid that myself or my husband may die...


Interested in Hearing from Some Mamas About Their Birth Experiences!

B.E. asks from Dallas

I am a childbirth educator and I am calling for some feedback on your births. More specifically about your relationship with your MD and or Midwife regarding such th...


Non-Profit Organization

G.H. asks from Miami

Dear Moms, I would love to start a non-profit organization for Teens. Anyone interested in helping getting it started with me. Please respond. All Moms in South...


Help! Need Inexpensive Wedding Ideas!

C.N. asks from Dallas

Hello Wonderful Moms! Thanks for all your good advise that I have been given in the past! Now, I need you again! It's nice to be needed! My daughter is a wedding ...


Is the Jjbundleme the Best for a Stroller?

T.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, it´s getting cold outside and I am in need of a blanket or something else for my daughter(3month) which will keep her warm enough through the hardest winter....


Has Anyone Adopted from Latin America?

K.O. asks from Pittsburgh

If so, is there an adoption agency that you could recommend--here in Pittsburgh or elsewhere in the US? We would like to specifically adopt from Latin America since m...


Wanted: Pretend Kitchen for My Daughter

P.B. asks from Dallas

Hi there, I'd like to get a pretend kitchen for my daughter. The cost of them shocks me so I thought I'd post out here to see if anyone has any ideas where I coul...


In Need of a Pampered Chef and Tupperware Rep

P.B. asks from Dallas

Hi, I'm looking for a Pampered Chef and Tupperware Rep that would be interested in participating in a babyfair called Everything Babyfest. The event is June 23-24...


Scarlet Fever

J.C. asks from Jacksonville

I have a 2 and a half year old son who has been diagnosed with scarlet fever on Thursday. He has been on antibiotics for 4 days and the rash doesn't seem to be getti...


Where Are There Ducks to Feed?

P.B. asks from Dallas

Hi, We live in Haslet and this weekend we decided to take our 22 month old out to feed ducks. We went to a marina on Eagle Mtn Lake but there were no ducks. We a...

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  • two weeks before her due date in 2 answers "I had a ultra sound two weeks before her due date and she was measuring at 8bls 2oz."
  • due to high blood pressure in 2 answers "11 ounces--C-Section due to high blood pressure--no problems--no OTC pain relievers ..."
  • days before my due date in 3 answers "I went into the hospital bleeding a bit 2 days before my due date, ob decided to induce ..."
  • pampered chef consultant in 2 answers "Hi P.! I am a Pampered Chef consultant and would love to participate!"
  • had scarlet fever in 2 answers "I have a friend who's neice had scarlet fever and ended up with an extended rash ..."