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Tooth Fairy

Being a dentist--I am very good friends with the tooth fairy. I have heard some kids get upwards of five dollars for a single tooth! ...

Seeking Vet in White Lake Area

VCA White Lake Animal Hospital is very good they are on M-59 across from the fire station. Or if you don't mind driving into Walled Lake, Walled Lake Vet. ...

Make-up Spilled on Beige Carpet Any Miracle Cleaners??

Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. B.F. answers from Fort Myers on January 16, 2007. try oxyclean. it's very good for carpets ...

Need a Plce to Host a Sweet Sixteen Party

My son is a very good DJ if you are looking for quotes. He is also pretty familiar with local venues. He may be able to give you some suggestions. ...

Seeking Good Veterinarian, as Well as a Dog Groomer in or near Irving

Their rates are very reasonable...I also continued with them even after I moved to Lewisville. The other doctor is Dr Inmon he is also very good. ...

How Do I Break My Child into Modeling?

Julie B's response was very good. I used to work in the print industry and art directed many youth and infant photo shoots. I would reiterate that child ...

Help 9 Month Old Gain Weight

You have received some very good suggestions for first finger foods. You'll want to start with high value foods: avocados, bananas, yams, etc. ...

Trying to Find a Good Hospital to Have New Baby.

I had a very good experience at Summerlin and a fairly bad experience at Mountain View. Everyone was very nice and very helpful at Summerlin but that wasn't ...

Need Help Finding a Good School District on Long Island

It is very good. I'd heard great things about it before we moved here. I think everyone will be partial to their districts so maybe ask people if they know ...

Sorry!!! I Am Looking for a Good Midwife and Hospital to Deliver My Baby.

I dont know about a male doctor but if I know of a very good one I will go for it. I really would like to stay with a midwife. I due want to have a natural ...
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