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TMI About (Down There) Could Weight Be the Issue?

S.P. asks from Mobile

Ok, this is way tmi and sorry if this is inappropriate. I had my first child 3yrs ago. When I was pregnant I gained a whopping 100lbs. Yep, 100lbs(that's another sto...


*Be Warned- Sexual Question*

K.I. asks from Spokane

Hi ladies, This is kind of embarrassing so I do not wish to ask any of my female friends...I was hoping you all out in cyber space could help answer something for ...


JFF- Schtuff My Kid Has Ruined

R.J. asks from Seattle

I need some 'funny' right now. So let's break out the lists on destroyed, mangled, headsmack moments involving our kids and their destructive testing. Often, with...


Douching Question

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey Mamas, I just tried to douche for the first time in my life and it burned!!! I did not enjoy that at all. Anyone else ever had that happen? I have always been...


Cleaning My 14 Month Old's Vaginal Area

M.B. asks from Seattle

Okay mom's, I could use some help. My daughter is 14 months old now, and has never been fond of us cleaning her vaginal area. Before it wasn't a huge deal, we c...


Break up Revenge Stories

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

I read this article about this sicko that killed his girlfriends guinea pigs because she broke up with him and wouldn't pay him $32. What a douche. The article then a...


Suggestions on Potty Training Palo Alto Area

C.M. asks from San Francisco

I'd love to hear any tips on potty training my 2.5 year old daughter. She's headed to preschool soon, and having a hard time when around other kids, and is easily di...


Did You Videotape Your Child's Birth?

R.D. asks from Richmond

Did you videotape or take pictures of your child's birth? Why or why not? Did you watch in a mirror as you gave birth? I have pictures from the first 2, noth...


Added to My Request from the Advice Ive Gotten

B.J. asks from Kansas City

I have been with the same guy for 4 years and were not married and in no hurry to get married. We talk about having kids and have tried but unsuccessful. Im a little ...


She Is Expecting Her 20Th Child?

L.A. asks from Austin

I know that some people believe that GOD gives them babies, But at what point do we or should we say, this is enough? If a mom has had tough pregnancies or births, ...

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