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Vacuum Recommendation

After vacuuming the air in our house smells so much cleaner it is like having an air filter and vacuum in one. This is in contrast to most bag vacuums which ...

Looking for a Canister Vacuum

My old house was hard wood so I did not need a really good vacuum before but I do now. I have decided..." ... car vacuum · electrolux vacuum bags ...

Best Vacuum?

Read all 33 responses: "I am in the market for a new vacuum. I want a Dyson, but my budget does not. ... car vacuum · electrolux vacuum bags ...

Advice on the Kirby Sentria Home Maintenance System

It is by far the best vaccum that I have ever owned. My kids track in so much junk that I go through a lot of bags, but hey it is nice to know it is picking ...

Need Some Quick Make Ahead/freezer Meals for Activity Nights

28 Aug 2009 ... I have my husband grill up a variety of meats when he has time Then I vacuum sealed them and froze them but a ziplock bag will have worked ...

Shop Vaccuum

We used a shop vac to vacuum our rug for YEARS and hated it! ... You don't use bags with the Dyson. I would never go back to my old style vaccuum! Helpful? ...

Seeking Reviews on the Kirby Vaccuum/shampooer

Forget Dyson, when I am in the market for a better vacuum I'll definitely go Kirby! Helpful? .... kirby vacuum bags · industrial vacuum ...

How Do You Safely Store Clothes?

I use vacuum bags, the quality isnt always great, but when they work, it's perfect (a couple of bags will hold the content of a large plastic bin). ...

Allergies to Dust Mites, Please Recommend a Good Vacuume Cleaner

I also wear a mask when I change the bag. My vacuum has a HEPA filter and that definitely helps as well. I've had it seven years and it works great! ...

Help Me Keep This LICE Away

18 Sep 2009 ... Be sure to wash all the bed linens in hot water vacuum the entire house and put all her toys in bags for up to 3 weeks If you want to be ...
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