vaccine side effects

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Flu Shot

You can go to the CDC website for more information on that vaccine. ... The flu shot has never had any major side effects for my family. ...

H1N1 Vaccine!

The side effects from the vaccine are flu-like symptoms, but manageable... no coughing up a lung. The side effects from H1N1 are much worse! ...

Does Anyone Know Where in Raleigh You Can Get the MMR Shot in 3 Separate Shots?

I was able to get a separate vaccination at the one in Durham for my son who ... that multiple vaccines or vaccines in general have serious side effects. ...

Flu Vaccine

Ask for the manufacturers' info sheets on individual vaccines so you can read for yourself the side effects, ingredients, etc. Ask questions, dig deeper, ...

Infant 2 Month Immunization Appointment

... to inform the public of it's side effects If you go to mercolacom and type .... no ill effects And he has never even had a temperature after a vaccine ...

Rotavirus Vaccine Decision by Monday

Yes, the vaccine has serious side effects!! Is it worth risking your child's life right now? Besides, this virus typically resolves on its own after three ...

Flu Shot....yes or No??

12 Oct 2009 ... They have had no negative reactions or side effects. .... Not only am I going to be sure she gets the H1N1 vaccine (in mist form), ...

Flu Shot

We have been fortunate that Andrew has not had any side effects (fever, illness, .... Children get a half vaccine when they get the first vacinnation. ...

Advice on the Meningitis Immunization

My son received the meningitis vaccine and it really took him months to go .... So I say yes I think it is good to get and the side effects of the shot are ...

H1n1 Vaccine at School: Yes or No

27 Oct 2009 ... My two young kids receive the regular flu vaccine as well and have had no side effects. So I'm not anti-vaccine. I am only questioning how ...
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