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Neck Cheese

I got a tube of Medicated yeast cream like vagisil and it cleared it right ... I used a baby wash cloth and gently washed it away. To heal the cracks use a ...

Diaper Rash vs Yeast Infection

... changing and for the yeast infection we use OTC vagisil in the morning and at night. ... My daughter used to get a horrid diaper rash every time she ate ...

Itchy Vaginal Area

They then recommended using Vagisil which we started last night. ..... she is sweating in that area so we also have used powder to help with the discomfort. ...

Need Help with Rash

I tried Vagisil Cream as well..not working..I would scratch and itch so bad that ..... I got a tube for my daughters yeasty diaper rash and have used it on ...

11Month Old Rash

Nov 1, 2009 ... I used it on my children every time I changed their diapers and it ..... Try Vagisil cream - you could be fighting a yeast infection ...

Diaper Rash

I have used baking soda in the bath. It works for my son when he gets a bad ..... Believe it or not, I use Vagisil or a similar yeast infection treatment at ...

Vaginal Odor

The detox system I used was from Dr. Natura ( and I did the .... try some over the counter vagisil or the like, and see if that helps. ...

Terrible Diaper Rash-poss. Yeast Infec. from Omnicef

... diaper rash cream (equal parts A&D ointment, cortaid and vagisil cream). .... i know this will sound crazy but i got it from the lady who used to ...

Diaper Rash

I would cut back on the juice intake and try vagisil. ..... If you want to know what type of diaper/inserts I used from the website, just let me know. ...

Diaper Rash

Dr. Smith's is the absolute best I've ever used for diaper rash. Use it every time you change ..... My neice just had her diagnosis, and they said vagisil. ...
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