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Child Bladder Infections

Since we have moved her to the new school (private school) she has gotten 4 urinary tract infections! A little background...During the summer we struggled ...

Frequent Pee

Sep 30, 2009 ... urinary tract infections and bladder infections are much more infrequent in boys than girls, but on cause could be constipation. ...

Yeast Infection???

I had trouble delineating between a yeast infection and urinary tract infection. The symptoms are different- yeast burning and urinary tract also burning, ...

Has Anyone's Infant (Less than 3 Months Old) Had a Urinary Tract Infection?

My daughter is 12 weeks old and has just been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. It started out as just a fever of 103. My husband and I thought she ...

Pregnant, Think I Have a Bladder infection....alternatives to Antibiotics?

Jun 8, 2009 ... It turns out I do have a Urinary Tract Infection and ALSO Bacterial Vaginosis. Obviously I am on antibiotics. Unfortunately I am having to ...

Urinary Reflux Disease in 18 Mo Old...

My 18 mo old daughter was just given medication for a urinary tract infection... we're lucky we caught it because she didn't have a fever or anything, ...

Urinary Pain/issues

When it causes pain to urinate, it generally means a bladder infection, this must be taken care of. Contact your pediatrician immediately. ...

Urinary Reflux, Does Anyone Know About This Condition?

Next question: Urinary Tract Infection in Baby Girl ... radiology tech · urinary tract infections · reflux disease · radiology hospital ...

Why Would Our Cat Stop Using Her Cat Box After 12 Perfect Years?!?

It could possibly be a urinary tract infection. I know cats will sometimes stop using the litter box when this happens. Hopefully it is something you can ...

Bladder Infections at 12 Months Old...

Had 2 back to back believed to be bladder infections at the time. I was told no bubble baths, ..... bladder infections · urinary tract infections ...
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