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Newborn Umbillical Cord

Read all 6 responses: "My 1 mo. old daughter's umbilical cord stump fell off @ 2 weeks but a small stump remained. At both her 1 week and 2 week ...

Seeking Advice from Mamas on Whether to Bank Cord Blood.

Syringe method: a syringe is used to draw blood from the umbilical cord ... Bag method: the umbilical cord is elevated to cause the blood to drain into a ...

Umbilical Hernia in Newborn

Read all 16 responses: "After my daughter's umbilical cord fell off it was apparent that she had an umbilical hernia. Our doctor said that we will wait for ...

7 Mos Old with Persistent Umbilical Granuloma

advice please mommas, my DS has had this stubborn umbilical granuloma since his cord fell off. it has gotten better, then worse, more irritated, ...

Transverse at 36 Weeks

She was born with her umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck and arm - sometimes I wonder if she stayed sideways so long because she was tangled up! ...

Lump on Puppies Stomach

Usually a pup gets a hernia when mom was too rough getting the umbilical cord off. The vet stated most vets just repair it when the pup is spade and they ...

Baby Has Acne and Blood Still Coming from Navel

He lost his umbilical cord over a week ago, but I'm finding a little blood in his navel still. Before the cord fell off there was..."

Birth Defects

I don't know anything about the umbilical cord, but my daughter was born with a fused cleft. It was never picked up on my 20 week u/s...a whole different ...

Newborn with Possible Umbilical Hernia

My daughter developed an umbilical hernia after her cord fell off as well. It fixed itself once she was about 5 or 6 months old. ...

Stage 2 Placenta at 34 Weeks

If you have only a two cord vessel, is that in the umbilical cord? My daughter was born with only two, she is now almost 13.It is not easy to be a mom when ...
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  • had a single umbilical artery in 2 answers "I had a single umbilical artery. I also found out during my 20-week ultrasound and ..."
  • two umbilical arteries in 2 answers "In the newborn physical, a baby should have two umbilical arteries and one vein."
  • developed an umbilical hernia in 2 answers "My daughter was a preemie and developed an umbilical hernia while she was in the nicu."
  • had an umbilical hernia in 4 answers "I had a friend whose daughter had an umbilical hernia that was really bad, it didn't ..."
  • cord blood banking in 2 answers "... product launch that saves many more stem cells as compared to cord blood banking ..."