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What Are Symptoms of Twins?

However, this is not a reliable source for early detection of twins or multiples but I do think that your chances are pretty high considering that you are a ...


In my case it is more than likely that I'm having twins because I'm in my mid 30's. Your chances of having multiples goes up as you get older. ...

21 Month Twins Constant Whining and Crying

My twins (21 months)drive me crazy with the constant whining and crying. ... so with hugs and kisses and praise As a parent of multiples I also see that the ...

Mom of Multiples with Anger Issues

I don't have multiples, and I know they present different circumstances. ... I have a set of 4 year old identical twins who fight all the time about ...

Advice on Potty Training Twins

It's quite an accomplishment getting twins, or multiples, potty trained. Nobody understands that better than parents of multiples! ...

It Could Be Twins!?!

I have 5 month old twin boys. We went through fertility treatments, so we knew their was a chance of multiples. I had an ultrasound at 6 1/2 weeks and that ...

Twins Being Seperated in School

I am a Kindergarten teacher and have found that most multiples do better separated because they are typically known as "the twins" or "the triplets" if they ...

I Am Having Twins

I didn't have twins but my friend did. She joined a Grand rapids club called Mother's with Multiples. They really helped her with questions she had when she ...

Looking for Moms of Multiples!

We are currently pregnant with twin girls. My levels did increase like crazy, but I was blind to even consider that we could be having multiples. ...

Suggestions for Bottles for Feeding Twins

You should find your local twins/multiples group. The state website is www. and the national is Being part of a group is very ...
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