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Should I Buy a Double Stroller? Which One?

Because they were so close in age, I wanted a side by side stroller too. We ended up getting the Chicco C0.5 Twin stroller and have LOVED it. ...

Seeking Double Stroller... Need Recommendations

I have a Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin stroller. It is a dream-come-true stroller for me. I absolutely love it. I have two boys, 15 months apart, ...

Badly Needed

We use a Chicco 0.5 Twin stroller for my 20 month old son and his 14 month old little buddy. It's basically a double umbrella stroller so it's pretty light ...

16 Mo Boy Getting a Little Brother - Do I Need a Double Stroller?

Yes, the good twin strollers are expensive, but they are so worth it! After using mine I realized that I would have been miserable with a cheaper, ...

Stroller for Twins

I have twin boys and purchased both a tandem and a side by side. I always used the tandem stroller. The side by side is too wide for shopping and makes it ...

Best Stroller for Twins

I have the Maclaren Twin Techno. I love it! It fits through most doorways and folds up so it travels well. We also have a double jogging stroller for off ...

Maclaren Twin Techno

Maclaren Twin Techno. Does anyone have this stroller? I need one for my newborn and 19 month old and would really like to hear what people think about this ...

Tired of Pushing 60+ pounds--I Need a Lightweight Double Stroller. Suggestions?

Sep 2, 2009 ... Then I found the Graco Ipo Twin Stroller; I read about it in a parenting magazine (listed as a "must have") then read the reviews, all of which were awesome ...

Double Stroller ???

We did Sea World and the State Fair with that stroller when they were 2 and 4 ... I replaced it with a Maclaren Twin Triumph from The Right Start in the ...

Registering for Strollers

We have been looking at the Maclaren Twin Triumphant stroller and the Chicco Trevi Twin stroller. Any recommendations? Thanks! ...
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