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"Seeking Moms Who Have Lost a Child"

Her twin brother was one of the babies we lost. ... Lulu died at 4 yrs old moments after her father stopped video taping her as she danced under a .... My best friend lost a baby at birth and while talking about it to a neighbor I found ...

Sign Language for 8 Month Old?

I love the Baby Einstien Sign video as well as my kids. ... I started signing to my son from birth. I did basic've seen them .... She came home to her six siblings (including her healthy twin) and i was ALL kinds of excited ...

Health Advice

You can view videos that demonstrate Nikken's philosophy, .... it keeps me pretty healthy from all the kiddie germs (I have twin 2yr olds and a 5 yr old). ...

My Four Week Old's Sleeping Habits

Sep 17, 2009 ... I am a birth doula and don't do post partum work, but I have lots of ..... by the time they were 4 weeks (for my son) and 6 weeks (for my twin girls), so it ...

Songs from Mother to Daughter

You can listen to some of the songs and tape them to use in your video. .... That firstborn of mine now has 3y/o twin siblings, but I hope to do something ... family is to pick a song at the time of their birth that symbolizes them). ...

Sludge in Gall Bladder

... operation i had been having attacks since the birth of my twins and didnt know what .... I couldn't take the pain-it was worse than childbirth. .... Now a days it's just 3 small incisions, they even gave me a video of the surgery, ...

1 Year Old Birthday Party

Use a Video recorder and Photos both! Documenting the even is even more important than what is done! ... so I want my kids to have them from birth on... even if the can't remember them, we have the photos. ... Twin Birthday Party Ideas ...

T-shirt Quilt Question

I saw one price for $300 to make a quilt for twin size, ... On another note, what games are you into? are you a video gamer, or a role player? ...

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate Is The ?

I am a mother of twin girls now 3 but I am older than most moms posting here. ..... when on their day of birth children are given the hepatitis B vaccine, ...

Tongue Tied Child (Any Experiences)

We did up to 2 classes a week, and watched signing videos every day, and I read ... so I am waiting until time to apply for 4 yr preschool at Twin Ridge, ...
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