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Toddler Getting Ready to Go into a Bed from Crib-don't Know What to Buy

My husband likes the toddler beds, but I think we should get a twin bed. ... We converted our daughter right to a twin bed from her crib and had no trouble. ...

Toddler Bed Vs. Matress on Floor Vs. Twin Bed

Read all 19 responses: "My daughter is getting close to being ready to leave the crib and I was wondering if anyone has any input as to the next step.

How was your experience with trundle bed?

My nearly 3 year old is ready to transition into a twin sized bed. ... We've used a trundle, and it's much like side by side twin beds or two sharing a bed, ...

Big Girl Bed

We will probably be transitioning him to a low profile twin bed in the next ..... My son was in a twin bed at 1 and he did just fine, so I think 2 is a ...

Toddler Bed or Twin Bed?

Read all 37 responses: "My sons second birthday is approaching and we were going to introduce a "big boy" bed to him. I'm torn on rather to get him a ...

Twin Bed and Mattress Recommendation

Read all 9 responses: "Any recommendations for good, reasonable priced twin beds and mattresses for a boy? What type of mattress is best? Thank you."

How to Transition My 2 Year Old to a Big Girl Bed.

Sep 5, 2009 ... We transitioned our 2 and 1/2 year old into a twin bed by putting the twin ... Yes, they DO make plastic mattress protectors for queen (and twin beds). ...

Ready for Toddler Bed?

Oct 20, 2009 ... We moved my son from his crib to a twin bed at 18 months when he started to ... Both of my daughters switched to twin beds before they were ...

Need Bed Rails to Fit a Bed with No Box Springs

Read all 8 responses: "I just bought my 2 yr old son a twin bed, but it has no box spring and only slats (no hard surface) under the mattress.

Looking for White Iron Twin Bed

Read all 8 responses: "Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who sells a selectio of white iron beds in the DFW area? I'm more comfortable making a ...
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