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5 Months Pregnant with Vivid Dreams

What kindof TV shows or movies have you been watching? I am very, very sensitive to any media and even seeing a commercial for something violent or bad can ...

Television Consumption

Personally I would avoid TV shows with adult content (news) and from what I've read .... And your daughter isn't going to be a TV Junkie from just one show. ...

Does Anyone Have Verizon FiOS TV?

has anyone responded to this? what is verizon fios tv? Helpful? ... Verizon Fios si better in that you can record two shows at the same time (kuddos! ...

Good Starter Suggestions for Tv/dvds for 2 Yr Old

We don't do a lot of tv for our 3 year old...The few shows I let him watch are ..... Seeking Wholesome Children's Tv Shows and Movies for a Two Year Old ...

Day Care Provider and TV

She has always had access to kid shows, and I used to nurse her to sleep when I was watching my own TV shows at night. I'd love to tell you all I watched ...

Is TV the Devil?

The early days with a new baby are difficult too, so let the tv watching begin! I perfered videos to actual tv shows. Dora a Diego are our favorites! ...

Blinking Toddler

Try not having the tv on while she's up and playing. Encourage other activities, and allow her to watch a favorite show each day. ...

Baby Einstein Dvd's

AMer Acad of Peds recommends no tv until age 2 but we went with the "everything in moderation" theory and picked the most educational show available. ...

Does the Elementary Set Seem More "Mature" to Any of You.

18 Oct 2009 ... I agree that TV shows that are even deemed "G" rated, have more adult themes to them than when we were younger. The strictness of words, ...

How Much Tv Do You Really Let Your 2 Year Olds Watch

For TV type time, use educational videos, for TV time restrict to KLRU, Discovery, NASA, etc. Use TV time together to rest with shows like Wheel of Fortune, ...
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  • sid the science kid in 6 answers "There is also a new one Sid the Science Kid."
  • let your child watch tv in 2 answers "I realize you'll hear not to let your child watch tv until 2."
  • baby einstein dvds in 5 answers "I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Baby Einstein DVDs."
  • brains into mush in 2 answers "I highly doubt you are turning your boys' brains into mush."
  • watching too much tv in 3 answers "... things like ADHD are genetic and could not be caused by watching too much TV."