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How Much TV Is Too Much TV?

J.G. asks from Tampa

My 21 month has become obsessed with Elmo... not television, because if I try to turn something else on, he will consistently ask for Elmo. Is this a phase? We go to ...


Obsessed with the TV

E.M. asks from New York

Recently I introduced my daughter to movies. (She'll be two-and-a-half in December.) She watched the Lion King from start to finish and LOVED it. Since then, we ha...


Hooked on TV

K.R. asks from Sacramento

I have a 16 month old that i let watch Finding Nemo and Mickey Mouse Playhouse and he LOVES it. He really just watches the tv when Im trying to get ready in the morn...


Too Much TV

L.C. asks from Norfolk

This is going to sound bad, and that's because I know it is. But my 3 year old daughter watches entirely too much TV. Between 8-12 hours a day. I know that sounds hor...


How Do You Get Netflix on Your Tv? (Another Tv Question)

J.F. asks from Philadelphia

So I'm not signing up for cable to save money. I was just going to keep my netflix subscription...BUT my ex is keeping the wii, so without Wii or a computer beside t...


Dad Putting Kids Infront of TV

B.H. asks from Bismarck

I need advise! It seems like every time I turn around my husband is turning on the TV for our kids. I allow them to watch a limtited amount when I am home with them...


Mom Looking for Good TV for My Kids

P.M. asks from Philadelphia

I am a mom of three. I have an 8 year old girl and 5 year old twin boys. I'm really frustrated with TV shows for kids. My children don't want to watch a lot of the sh...


3 Kids, 1 TV. Help!

J.O. asks from Detroit

My 4-year-old gets 2 hours a day of TV. He chooses what and when. His siblings, 3 and 1, showed no interest in TV. Now, the 3-year-old wants to watch too and reques...


Do You Let Your Kids Watch TV During Breakfast?

P.M. asks from Fort Walton Beach

Funny, I have a strict no TV law at dinner but for some reason I let them watch TV at breakfast. Does that even make sense?


Is Webkinz Bad for Kids?

K.D. asks from Boston

Is Webkinz bad for kids? My eldest daughter is 5 1/2. She was hanging out with an 8 year old cousin and learned about She has one webkinz that she take...

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