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Is Flavored Carbonated Water and EmergenC Ok to Drink While Pregnant?

I would not drink anything with artificial sweeteners because of all the tumors and cancer causing effects they have on lab animals. ...


Oct 26, 2009 ... After an ultrasound, my doctor was able to draw out what a uterus looks like, what my fibroid tumors looked like and where the fibroid ...

Seeking Best Cancer Doctor

Read all 3 responses: "Hi I need a second opinion on a diagnostic and I would like to talk to the best doctor out there. It is regarding cancerous tumors in ...

False Positive HCG Blood Results

Sep 28, 2009 ... My sonograms came back normal, no tubal pregnancies, no tumors or cysts. My HCG level was increasing but not like it should. ...

I Need a Thorough OBGYN

I too had tumors on my thyroid and have since had them removed. Your best bet is to have your endocrine doctor recommend someone. Because most symptoms can ...

3 Month Old with Puffy Eye

Aug 31, 2009 ... Well, I don't even want to tell you that I have a friend whose son had the same thing, and it turned out that the baby had tumors that were ...

Son Complaining of Head Pain in the Back of His Head.

I found out that after 2 years of suffering I had brain tumors. ... No I am not saying your son has brain tumors, I am saying that repetitive headaches in ...

Switching 2 Year Old from Whole Milk to 1 or 2%

It showed a study that men who drank low/non fat milk were more likely to have larger cancer tumor in the prostate. The low/non fat milk was not shown to ...

Have a Friend Who Needs Some Encouraging Words.....

I have a friend,my husband's co-worker,who recently had a brain surgery for a tumor.She had surgery the week of Thanksgiving & the doctors have added chemo ...

Daughter with Body Odor

... scare you but sometimes that can be associated with Addison's disease or Ts syndrome or even tumors There is a condition of a prerelease of sex hormones ...
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  • your husbands co worker in 2 answers "My girlfriend is on her third round-I am so sorry for your husband's co-worker, and ..."
  • increased water intake in 2 answers "... I had severe food allergies and with a diet change and increased water intake ..."
  • artificial sweeteners in 3 answers "I would not drink anything with artificial sweeteners because of all the tumors and ..."
  • diagnosed with brain cancer in 2 answers "... girl who was very close to my family was finally diagnosed with brain cancer ..."
  • underarm odor in 4 answers "My grandaughter is 7 and she started having underarm odor at 6 also."