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Would like Help for Son with Eczema Problems

Read all 7 responses: "My 8 month old son has eczema, and it's all over his back and stomach, and on his face ... Seeking Info on Eczema Treatments Please! ...

Infant Eczema

My son had eczema since he was one month old. After many Rx treatments and tons of Eucerin, we found out that he had a wheat and peanut allergy. ...

What Products Work Best for 9 Month Old with Eczema and Dermatitis

Read all 29 responses: "My 9 month old has battled Eczema since the day he was ... Ever since we atrted using Aveeno Baby Bath Treatments and Cetaphil her ...

Dermatologist for Toddler with Eczema Issues?

Jul 31, 2009 ... However, Dr. Dick was able to give us topical treatments while my son's skin ... 2 Year Old Suffering from Eczema What Works for Treatment ...


I just wonder how sevier is your baby's eczema because based on that it may require diffrent types of treatments. I use Aveeno soothing relief baby cream on ...

7 Year Old with Severe Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

Our 1 year old has eczema and I have given him the treatments and his skin is not clear, but it is better and he is finally sleeping through the night. ...

Son W/ Eczema

I have a 4 year old who has had eczema ever since he was a baby. ... Homeopathy is an easy and safe alternative to allopathic treatments but can also be ...

ALCAT Allergy Testing

It's pretty expensive, but my daughter has bad eczema mainly under her eyes, and we have done ALL the other treatments for that including regular allergy ...

Eczema Nightmare

Just today, I took my son to a certified chiropractor who specializes in N.A.E.T. treatments. I am so excited and believe that his allergies and eczema will ...

Help with Baby Itch Relief -Eczema

My little girl has had eczema since she was born. The best treatment is applying generous amounts of Aquaphor (over the counter cream) several times a day. ...
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