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Looking for Travel Websites

I found a flight to London with taxes for a little over $300.00 His whole deal is budget travel. He also has a lot of books at the library. ...

Extended Air Travel with a 9 Month Old

I've seen babies do well with long flights and poorly, both in fussiness and in health. .... For travel there, I chose to forgo the carseat and stroller, ...

Airline Travel with a Cat

I am moving to CA and need to travel with my cat on Continental Airlines. ... Take your cat with you on the flight. Baggage would be too stressful. ...

Suggestions for Entertaining 17 Month-old During Flight

I am trying to think of some travel friendly toys for him to bring along. .... sleep during the flight...but if the flight isn't the right time of day, ...

Travelling to London with an 18 Month Old

Enjoy your trip and don't let the little one scare you away from it- we travel frequently and have had wonderful family trips (and a few terrible flights ...

Changing a Poopy Diaper on a Plane

I travel quite frequently and for very long flights (we have to fly everywehre being in Hawaii) and often by myself with my two boys and have always been ...

Car Seat, CARES, or Lap Belt for 2 Yr Old on Long Flight?

15 Oct 2009 ... We've done long flights with both car seats and harnesses. Since we got CARES we don't travel with a car seat anymore and it is SO much ...

Any Tips on Traveling Alone with 10Month Old?

She'll probably be riding on my lap and it's a six hour flight with one or more stops. ... Elmo and cheerios are now my number one travel tools! ...

Bringing Milk, Water and Food on Plain, on International Flights

I must travel with food/milk with my 5 yr. old due to severe food allergies. ..... I know on flights within the US you can take "reasonable" amounts of ...

Advice for Air Travel with Infant

My infant was used to this type of travel and didn't fuss any more than she would on a car trip. Most of our flights were just over two hours so she stayed ...
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