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What Chores Do You Expect from Your 10 Year Old and What Discipline Do You Use

So if my daughter looses $1 because she left her room a mess, she could potentially earn it back by taking the trash cans out and putting them back on trash ...

Teaching Son to Play Sports

A couple of trash cans and a lot of "way to go"'s and high fives will do a ... Have them play games like can you pass to dad on this side of the trash can ...

6 Year Old Allowance

I want to start giving her an allowance, so she can buy her own afternoon .... small trash cans in house, taking in and out the trash cans to the curb. ...

Cleaning Schedule

27 Aug 2009 ... Tue Guest RoomOffice dust vacuum organize trash. Wednesday Master BedroomNursery dust vacuum organize change sheets trash cans ...

Working Mom / (Online Cyber Curriculum) Home Schooling ?

7 Oct 2009 ... Carla S added this item : Line the trash cans with 3 liners. If you are lucky enough for one of the guys to offer to take out he trash, ...

Raccoons Problem

One thing you can do is if you have any food outside for any reason (dog/cat... or any other reason) stop putting it outside. Another is if your trash cans ...

Best Odor Proof Diaper Pail!

I keep a small, bag lined trash can outside the front door and deposit diapers in there, which gets dumped into the big garbage daily. ...

Allowances: at What Age Do We Start and How Much $

For a seven year old, you would be surprised at what they can do. They can empty little trash cans, clean mirrors or glass, unload the silverware from the ...

Can Not Get Anything Done

I would choose various times/dates for washing sheets, cleaning out trash cans, changing filters, etc. 8. Please don't be afraid to ask your husband for ...

Fruit Flies That Won't Go Away!!!

Then just simply sit those near trash cans, sinks, couple random in the kitchen, one in the bath tub, one in the sink in the bathroom... and random ones ...
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