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Potty Training Twins

You can google Imse Vimse training pants to see the ones I got. they weren't cheap, but I've saved a ton on disposable training pants already so I think ...

Potty Training Advice

I have a 2 year old girl that is very interested in potty training and loves to wear big girl panties (real training pants not pull ups); but she won't tell ...

Where to Begin with Potty Training

My question is, do I use pull ups, training pants, or big girl panties. ... As for the differences between pullups and training pant, training pants usually ...

Potty Training My Twins

My son will go #2 in the potty if he is wearing training pants or underwear, ... Also, is it easier to train with underwear than training pants? ...

Potty Training 18 Mo. Old

1 Sep 2009 ... to go to the potty and does (I'm so amazed! My other dd had no interest in potty training..." ... Training Pants for a Small Toddler ...

Potty Training(not Sure Where This Category Is At)

5 Oct 2009 ... When to Use Training Pants? 17 · Would like Some Ideas on How to Potty Train ... baby training pants · power training ...

Potty Panties for Petites and Training Advice

When I was shopping for training pants for my son, I found some 1T size at ... I got tons of training pants (Target seems to have more of the smaller sizes, ...

Daughter Taking Diaper off at Night!?!?

Well, if she is doing well with potty training during the day the maybe using training pants for night time would help. She would have to use the motions of ...

Potty Training Help!

training pants in 3 answersI had the Gerber cotton training pants; using the potty in 3 answers little girl I care forwho is now 2 years and 9 months ...

Potty Training Regression??

20 Oct 2009 ... I have a two-year old boy who has been potty-training successfully for the last 4-5 ..... boys training pants · potty training for boys ...
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