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Thinking of Having a Second Child, but I Don't Think We Can Afford It - Advice?

A.S. asks from Sacramento

Hello Ladies, My husband and I were talking tonight about possibly having another baby. I was surprised by my husband bringing this up because I always thought he wa...


Underweight Child

D.H. asks from Canton

My daughter is underweight. She is 5 and just had her annual checkup. She's healthy however her BMI is really low. She is at the 2% for BMI and anything under 5% is...


Help.....My 10Mth Old Won't Sleep Through the Night!

D.D. asks from New Orleans

I am a newlywed and a new mother and my son, LJ, won't sleep through the night. I'm sure this question was asked before, and advisors have said maybe he doesn't get en...


Pre-emptive Birds and Bees Talk??

A.M. asks from Phoenix

We have a little boy who lives down the street from us who is 6. We will occasionally trade babysitting with his parents and he is friends with my 7 and 4 year old bo...


Infant Outgrowing Baby Car Seat??

A.C. asks from Syracuse

This may sound sort of silly, but I really am not sure what my options are. My almost 8-month old son is on the verge (literally) of outgrowing his infant car seat, b...


Drop Side Cribs - a Safety Question!

H.1. asks from Des Moines

We are traveling to the other side of the country to stay with family for a week. My son (17 months) has gotten uncomfortably big for our pack n play as well as I feel...


My Car Has Been Stolen and I've Turned to the Web for Help.

H.H. asks from Elkhart

My name is H. Hardesty and I am looking for someone to give a voice to a serious issue that I have found myself in the middle of. I am now the proud owner of a stolen...


Peer Pressure to NOT Buy a Minivan. Need Opinions.

T.B. asks from Atlanta

So first off, I know I am to old to be peer pressured, lol, but it is honestly starting to get to me....mainly because the #1 culprit is my husband. We are in our ear...


Cloth and Other Environmentally Friendly Diapers?

A.R. asks from Chattanooga

Hello all! I have a one year old still in diapers, my three year old is potty trained, but I am expecting another sometime next Summer. SO... I have always used dispos...


Discussion on the "Label" of ADHD

N.N. asks from Minneapolis

I have been reading several post on this site where the subject of ADHD has been part of a bigger picture. I would just like to open a discussion about the "stigma" o...

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