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Touchy-feely Little Boy

Aug 12, 2009 ... Answer his questions simply Dont ignore him But dont indulge him either Be firm with the touching issue Explain that it is private and he ...

How Young Is Too Young for the Sex Talk?

... to explain to him about the okay's in masterbating and nos to people touching his privates. And every year I add something else to the conversation. ...

When and How to Teach Your Baby Body Parts

What my sister used to tell her kids was if you want to touch your privates, you need to go to your room alone. Hopefully this will not create embarrasement ...

My Son This Being Sexual at Daycare

... your own weewee that you can touch We dont touch other people's private parts ... talk with your son and explain the importance of privacy and touching ...

2 Year Old and 'Private Parts'

We use the term vulva and also enforce that it's a private area and that it's ok to touch your own private areas in the bedroom or bathroom. ...

My 13 Year Old

Talk to BOTH of your children about good touch bad touch and let them know that NO ONE touches them in their PRIVATE areas where our swimsuits cover. ...

Daughter Humping the Floor

My son kept touching his "private parts" when he was young so I just calmly told him ... Then he asked me if that's where people go to touch their privates. ...

3 Yr Old Son Obsessed with Bottom

Talk to him about private parts, who can/cannot see/touch, and when it's okay for him to touch but beyond that I wouldn't be too hard on him for it or it ...

Thumb Sucking

Hang in there Everything Ive read about thumbsucking and touching has ... have that it is okay to touch herself there but only in private In her room alone ...

Seeking Advise from Other Moms

We talk about what are private parts in our family and how no one has any business especially a brother or sister touching them. ...
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