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Tooth Fairy

My 6 year old just lost her first tooth and I was wondering what the tooth fairy was bringing to other houses for a first tooth. ...

What Is the Tooth Fairy Leaving Under Pillows These Days?

Tabitha the toothfairy would come to visit our house when our children would loose a tooth. The first time she left an introduction letter and although it ...

5 1/2 Year Old Losing First Tooth

My 10 yo step-son lost a tooth and the tooth fairy didn't show up the first night because of a ... the money under the pillow is still a hit at our house. ...

The Tooth Fairy

The toothfairy is big at our house right now. I have a 7 yr old loosing teeth like crazy! We usually give a few dollars up to $5. We also leave "fairy dust" ...

Alternative to the Tooth Fairy

There is no alternative to the tooth fairy. Just make it special for her .... the FLY LADY (she helps you keep your house tidy with real life suggestions) ...

Loose Tooth Ideas

If you tell your kids about the Tooth Fairy you may just be ruining it for ..... wouldn't even let anything that had to do with Santa in their house. ...

When Did Your Kids Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Read all 18 responses: "I'm just curious at what ages your older kids have lost their teeth? Also what does the tooth fairy leave in your house?

Looking for a Piano Tuner

He is always busy. he works out of his house, he has been doing it for many years. ... studio flat · history of chocolate · tooth fairy house · earthy names ...

Breaking the News About the Easter Bunny/Santa

I was raised without believing in Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny etc. ... grandson who asked me if the Easter Bunnie comes to my house and I told him No. ...

Getting Rid of the Pacifier

Another thought is a variation of the Binky Fairy and that is that there is ... the house Then you could have it be like the tooth fairy and the binky fairy ...
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