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What Age Did You/your Child Get Braces?

Based on my experience having braces as a kid, she is too young. I was in middle school when I got mine and only had 1 baby tooth left to fall out. ...

Space Between Front Teeth

My son's first new permanent tooth had to knock out 3 baby teeth because of ... Even with removing his back teeth and wearing braces his teeth returned to ...

The Tooth Fairy

Read all 21 responses: "Do you celebrate the Tooth Fairy/Pirate? ... They got a new video game when they got braces (to keep their mind off the initial pain ...

Nance Appliance for 8 Year Old

17 Oct 2009 ... I had my four front top teeth straightened in braces when I was little, along with several appliances all .... 11 Yo Needs Braces Still Has 1 Baby Tooth ...

My Daughter Is Getting Braces

I had braces for 2 years. i just got them off last June. I had an over bite, under bite, cross bite and a canine tooth that was laying paralelle to the ...

Incoming Tooth

My memory is that when I lost teeth, the new tooth came in from underneath, not behind; but it was a long .... 11 Yo Needs Braces Still Has 1 Baby Tooth ...

Damon Braces vs Traditional

Went to see an ortho and they want to put braces on my 8yo. Seems like this system will lead to..." ... 11 Yo Needs Braces Still Has 1 Baby Tooth ...

So Many Teeth So Fast?

25 Aug 2009 ... I will noteshe lost her first tooth at age 4 and by age 10 had lost ... No idea why she is a healthy kid Never a need for bracesunlike meher ...

Baby Teeth Not Falling Out

unfortunately I went through that myself. practically every baby tooth had to be ... My sister had that same problem, she was told that she needed braces, ...

Wisdom Teeth

I have not had a tooth pulled since I was a kid & I really don't remember any of that .... I had several teeth pulled as a "tween" as a precursor to braces, ...
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  • cut the corn off the cob in 2 answers "... to cut up my apples and other hard food in pieces, and cut the corn off the cob."
  • they lose all 20 teeth in 2 answers "We figured by the time they lose all 20 teeth, they will have saved $100."
  • put chapstick on her lips in 2 answers "... is at her ortho appt she can ask them to periodically put chapstick on her lips ..."
  • dentist will give you a list in 2 answers "As far as food goes, again the dentist will give you a list of foods to avoid."
  • his two front teeth in 2 answers "... about it too much for now- my husband has a gap between his two front teeth ..."