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Suggestions on Dental Plan

I was told I need to have a root canal & a crown put on to save that tooth. Right now I'm having really bad tooth ache, yesterday i took about 3 Ibuprofen ...

Wisdom Teeth Removal

HOwever only one wisdom tooth seems problematic. Any advice on this? ... a dry socket and they are painful beyond belief. they are worse than a tooth ache. ...

Teething 6 Month Old

Anyway come to find out a week later when we freaked out and took him to the er he had a really bad ear ache along with the tooth coming in, which i guess ...

Trying to Lose the Paci @ 3 Yrs Old..

Aug 29, 2009 ... the Selfish Crocodile in which the crocodile gets a tooth ache and a mouse pulls it out and they become best friends Between the dentist ...

2 Year Old Molars

... it's not really good for their stomach. the orel gel numbs the gums for quite awhile as I used it on my own teeth when I had a tooth ache. ...

Refusing Bottle During Teething? Common Cold?

I have used this on all my children before and still use it when they get a tooth ache caused from a sinus infection. I have also used it on myself and it ...

Daughter Terrified of Pain and Is Due for Her 5 Year Old Immunizations

This product is multipurpose, apply to eye brows before plucking, apply in mouth for a tooth ache, and so on.. This would numb the area of the ...

Oral Surgeon

Next question: Toothache. Report This. Comments: (optional). Share. Email ... Toothache (For My Brother, but You Guys Are My Go to Girls!) ...

Is it normal to have pain after filling?

I went back again....and non-polietly requested a different dentist (a toothache turned me into a barracuda). He said it was infected. ...

In Need for Advice for Taking Antibiotics While Breastfeeding My Baby

I'm likely to be prescribed antibiotics for a tooth infection but I am a breastfeeding mom; ... She is still too young and it could give her a tummy ache . ...
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