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Toddler Bed

A.C. asks from Chicago

I really hate to ask this, but we are having some financial hardships and we really need to get our 1 yr old a bed. She has been sleeping with us for the past year, a...


Toddler Belts

A.A. asks from Nashville

I am wondering where can you buy toddler belts? My daughter has a few clothes that sag alittle and i would like to buy her a easy belt. She wears a 4t. Thanks. Prefer...


Probiotics for Toddler?

B.E. asks from Jacksonville

Can anyone suggest a high quality probiotic for my toddler? Our chiropractor suggested giving my 2 year old some, but I cannot remember the brand he recommended...thanks!


Toddler Bed

J.G. asks from San Diego

Hi ladies! I am thinking of moving my daughter into a toddler bed soon but it is so scary to me because she still stays in her crib- no climbing out, and she will...


Toddler Tunes

R.K. asks from Dallas

I want to purchase some toddler tunes for my little girl. I have searched on Amazon and I am finding tons of different CDs. Can anyone suggest some good ones for me t...


Toddler Seats

J.S. asks from Dallas

I have a question, Does anyone carpool with toddlers? My sister in law and I always car pool but now both of our children are in toddler seats. Before we would just...


Cinema =Toddler??

K.K. asks from San Diego

I've never done this and idk if i should, is it safe to take a toddler to a movie theater. My son is 14 months oand i want to take him to a movie with me. Have any of...


Pillow for Toddler

J.B. asks from Houston

My two year old moved into his new toddler bed last weekend and the sheet set came with a standard pillow case, so I got him a standard pillow. This seems a bit too ...


Toddler Interrupted

M.W. asks from Washington DC

Not that it has happened (or will happen!) but did any of you find your toddler waking up in middle of night due to newborns crying?? Did you tend to toddler or jus...


Disney with a Toddler

J.W. asks from Washington DC

We are headed to Disneyworld in a few weeks and I'd love to get some feedback from you all on where to go, what to do and a few tips on covering the most ground with ...

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  • choo choo soul in 2 answers "Choo Choo Soul, Beethoven, Seal, and Dan Zanes are my toddler's favorites."
  • veggie tales cds in 2 answers "My kids absolutely loved the veggie tales cd's with their names in them."
  • lion king show in 2 answers "... better than the lines at Magic Kingdom). At Animal Kingdom, the Lion King show ..."
  • sit through the whole thing in 2 answers "... movie at 3, we weren't sure before then if she would sit through the whole thing ..."
  • started crawling out of the crib in 2 answers "I moved my daughter to a toddler bed when she started crawling out of the crib which ..."