toddler thirsty all the time

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Encouraging a Breastfeeding Toddler to Wean

Read all 17 responses: "Is there anyone out there who has experience ... I would start with the nap time feedings. Start a new pattern to get him ready for that. ... If you're worried about him being thirsty, put a spill-proof cup of ...

Severe Diaper Rash/Yeast Infection in Toddler That Won't Go Away!

Read all 58 responses: "Hi everyone, This request is my desperate attempt to find some help! ... Try giving her water when she is thirsty. .... It is a cream that I put on the severe burn every time I put a diaper on. ...

How to Get Toddlers to Take Liquid Vitamins?

Read all 26 responses: "Hi Moms, my pediatrician recommends that my 14 month ... it to her when you know she is really thirsty. that way she drinks it all. ... with any drink-just hold it over until the next time until she finishes it, ...

Constant Hunger Pains

So is being extremely thirsty all of the time. Let you doctor know so he can test you early. Frequent urination is another symptom;however, ...

My 3 Year Old Is Having a Hard Time Winding down at Night to Go to Sleep

Aug 29, 2009 ... Read all 8 responses: "My regularly easy to put to bed 3 year old ... in the world Now if he's thirsty he will drink his water at story time ...

2 Year Old Always Thirsty

Read all 23 responses: "My two year old son seems to always be thirsty. ... We have to get after him all the time. We have taken away all sippy or straw cups so it is harder .... Next question: Does My Toddler Have a Drinking Problem? ...

Always Hungry at Bedtime

I personally wouldnt give her a snack at that time at all Id be saying well ... in an insulated mug by her bed in case she does get thirsty but that's it ...

Question for Moms About Bright Red Cheeks at Night

Read all 24 responses: "About one week ago we noticed that every night in the evening. my five year old's cheeks were bright red. ... If they deny being thirsty, then it's time for bed! .... Toddler Gets Bright Red Cheeks at Night ...

Ear Tubes & Adenoid Removal

I hope by the time you are getting all your responses, the problem has ... 2 Year Old Always Thirsty ... Dr Recommending My Toddlers Adenoids Be Removed ...

Almost 3 Year Old's SEVERE Dry Skin

Read all 38 responses: "My son's skin has always been real dry, ... I have read that by the time you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrating! ...
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  • thirst can be a sign of diabetes in 3 answers "He could just be dehydrated or increased thirst can be a sign of diabetes."
  • from bath and body works in 2 answers "... Formula,anything with Shea Butter...we get the lotion from Bath and Body Works ..."
  • diaper rash cream in 5 answers "I also use aveeno diaper rash cream and baby wash."
  • bright red cheeks in 2 answers "He use to get bright red cheeks when he was a baby and a tooth would be pushing through."
  • substituting whole milk in 2 answers "I just started substituting whole milk for her usual breastfeeding times and stuck ..."