toddler leg cramps at night

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Daughter Complains That Her Leg Hurts

Get some massage oil for toddlers and massage her legs. .... When he wakes at night, I will give him Motrin and then massage the legs until he falls asleep. ... It could be leg cramps. Commonly a banana a day will cure them because the ...

How to prevent calf cramps during pregnancy?

I used to get the leg cramps like every night when I was pregnant. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Son Complaining of Leg Pain

I also used to experience an extreme leg cramping at night when I was young. Almost daily, I would awaken w/ extreme cramping ..... Toddler Has Leg Pains ...

Roving Toddler

Does anyone have any advice on how to get our 2 12 year old toddler girl to .... bananas because my son gets leg cramps and the bananas help with that It ...

4 1/2 Year Old Suffering with Legs at Night

When she goes to bed at night her legs are so restless she can't sleep. She begs us to pull..." ... I also had major leg cramps when I was pregnant. ...

Bedtime Sickness

If it's leg cramps or growing pains those really do hurt and are common at this age In those cases he gets a banana to eatfor the .... Toddler Has Leg Pains ...

Do 5 Year Old Boys Have Growing Pains in Legs?

But, I'd also mae sure he's stretching before sports and drinking enough fluids as I believe that dehydration can cause leg cramps. .... My girls only had them at night, and I remember them only being at night ... Toddler Has Leg Pains ...

I'm Wondering About My 5 Yr Old's Leg Pain at Night.

I too suffered with leg pains, mostly a night as a child. It does really hurt. ... I use to get major cramps in my calves as a teenager in high school.(I also played alot of sports) so ... Toddler Frequently Complains of Foot Pain ...

Three Year Old Waking up in Middle of Night with Feet Pain

It was especially bad when she was a toddler through around age four. ... My son had foot and leg cramps at night around the same age. ...

Growing Pains?

At first I thought she was having night terrors because it was almost like. ... Next question: Toddler Has Leg Pains ... Growing Leg Cramps & "Can't Sleep" ...
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